Digital Painting for the Complete Beginner: Book Review

Digital Painting for the Complete BeginnerCarlyn Beccia writes this wonderful how to book with a comfortable, almost conversational style. It feels personal, which is really nice for a how to book. It is divided up into two sections: Digital Painting Essentials and Tutorials. It also covers two programs, Photoshop CS5 and Painter 12. But this is not just a book about how to use this program, it is also a book about artistic techniques, terms, printing, scanning and a multitude of other useful info. Well worth the $15 I paid for it.

Digital Painting Essentials Section

Not being a “Complete Beginner” myself I read through the first few chapters easily and everything was familiar, but a nice refresher. But as I’ve walked through a few of the other Essentials chapters I’ve been really impressed with the simple tips and steps she gives with excellent results. I actually bought a copy of Corel Painter 12 because of her easy to understand explanations of the difference between it and Photoshop! (and I’m SO glad I did)


While I haven’t walked through each tutorial yet, I have given them much more than a cursory glance. What I like about her explanations is that they are not only relevant for her. These are things everyone can use and modify as needed. She gives you a nice combination of a look into the programs and artistic techniques. Her approaches seem to have a nice variance in each tutorial while maintaining artistic integrity.

Featured Artist Sections

Ms. Beccia also threw in these nice morsels of eye candy for all of us art junkies (which, if you buy this book you probably are one).


I read a review on that said something like “I don’t like her style, so I don’t like the book” …somebody call the WAAAAAAAAMBULANCE! Her style is irrelevant to the usability of the book.

This book is what it’s title proclaims and more, unless you’re a very savvy digital artist I’d say this book can help, and with the modest price tag, why not? Digital Painting for the Complete Beginner on


Ms. Beccia even left a comment about one of my artworks… I didn’t ask for that! 

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