MacX DVD Ripper Pro Review

MacX DVD Ripper ProLike any other Graphic Designer, I enjoy visual stimulants…don’t we all? Movies definitely fall into that category. Not too long ago two things happened; my dinosaur of a laptop’s dvd player stopped working and I got a smartphone. As a result I found myself more in need of a way to convert my DVDs into digital format…enter MacX DVD Ripper Free. While this is not a review of the free edition, it works well for a free version. Basically, if your DVD doesn’t have the new Disney Protection (perhaps other protections, I’m not sure) it works well. I ripped Kung Fu Panda, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief, Night at the Museum & others.

But, then I tried to rip Alice in Wonderland to no avail. So, I got a copy of MacX DVD Ripper Pro. I must say I’m impressed. I’ve ripped Thor, Marvel’s The Avengers, The Hunger Games, multiple Looney Tunes Gold Discs, The Jungle Book, Tinkerbell & The Lost Treasure, Up and more with no trouble.

The interface is clean and user-friendly. The options for ripping the DVDs are vast (size, quality, etc). Playback is sharp with no jitters, hesitation, etc. And, after about a month of using it…I’ve had no troubles.

Lastly I’ll say two things; First, I DO NOT use this for ripping movies I don’t own…illegal and not cool. Second, oddly enough, I still haven’t ripped Alice in Wonderland (but I have no doubt MacX DVD Ripper Pro will work fine!)

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