Faerie Araneae (Spider Fairy)

This being the second post in the Operation: reDRAW series…

Last time I showed you an image of a not-so-proportionally correct faery. BUT, I liked the clothes, position and even attitude (altitude) of the drawing. So, here it is in a more refined/finished drawing. The photoshop painting is slowly coming along and I may show you a pre-finished version soon. (I did some brief research on Faery lore and I’m re-writing it as I go) Oddly enough, I watched the trailer for Epic yesterday, which looks to have some potential similarities with my ideas, although I don’t know that they call these tiny humanoids faeries or not. Nothing new under the sun I guess… See the caption for a description of the Faery Araneae.

Check out facebook to see some other sketches that are eligible for the O.R. (Operation: reDRAW).


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