Operation: reDRAW

reDRAW-Faerie-AraneaeI have been disturbingly uninspired lately to draw anything. Maybe it has something to do with not posting to my blog since May. Hmmmm…. It may also be related to having so much to do in the web design and graphic design portions of my work world. All of my creative juices seem to be flowing into the Net and Ink. Mind you, I’m not complaining, just desiring to feed the artistic wolf within who has been hungry with no food in sight…or so I thought.

Anyway, having remembered the wisdom of other artists I began looking through some old artwork, from this year and years past. And came up with the super-not-original idea of tackling some old work, whether sketches or completed pieces, and sharing them with my loving audience.

I will be posting some other work on facebook that I think may be worthy of revisiting. Also, feel free to peruse my portfolio and say, “Hey Mike why not tackle this from this angle”. I’m open.

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