Business Card Trio

Clarksville Water Sports Business Card DesignHave I ever told you how much I enjoy business cards? I think it’s just the forced simplicity that makes the design challenge so wonderful. Let’s face it, complexity and business card design go together about as well as ice cream on a hot dog (unfortunately there are people who like both I’m sure…somewhere). I’m not talking about the length of time it takes to design the card, it can take hours, I’m talking about the finished product. Is it legible? Easy to read? Does it make you feel cool to hand it to someone and say, “Here’s my card”? (OK, the last one is subjective).

I hope that in my pursuits to create legible, lovely, awe-inspiring cards I actually hit the mark (God gets the credit when I do). Let me know what you think… Business Card Design Junk Removal Georgia Business Card Design

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