Wrapped (IF)

This is #2 in the Potty Training Mishaps Series…and illustration friday’s topic of the week (for you IFers here’s a link to last week’s “Impatience” that was #1 in the series…and that I didn’t finish… more about Wrapped (IF)

Impatience (IF)

I started this for last weeks Illustration Friday topic, but didn’t have time to finish. We are potty training my little girl right now, thus I was inspired… It is the first in a series… more about Impatience (IF)

Modify (IF)

Wow, am I late on this one. But it has taken all week for this idea to come to fruition in my head. The only way my heart has ever been “modified” is through the… more about Modify (IF)

Here I Am

Illustration is what I’ve always wanted to do, always an abiding passion, always. So here I am, blogging. I won’t promise a whole lot of words forthcoming, but it may happen. I’m more interested in… more about Here I Am