Reptillian Ocular Anatomy Study

Lizard Eye StudySounds fancy doesn’t it? All I really did was draw a lizard eye. But it is a study any time you draw anything in detail…yeah, hence the word study. My wife and I bought this wonderful 18″ x 24″ Rainforest book for our girls as a Christmas gift (they’re pretty nuts about books). There are some wonderful photos in there and Daddy is going to put them to good use as well.

I am amazed at the “squiggly” details inside the eye and the elegance of the scaling patterns…no wonder I used to try and draw dragons so much. I may pick it up again. The best part of any type of organic study for me is seeing the hand of God at work in his creation. It is altogether humbling and awe inspiring. Good food for a creative person, not to mention a worshipful exercise.

On another note, I’m seriously considering a Masters Degree in Illustration from the Academy of Art University (MFA). It’s very exciting, very expensive and brings that curious feeling of terror and adrenaline just thinking about it. Pray I make the right decision.

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