A&K and 99 Designs

Well, I’ve been fairly busy lately. Finished a painting, working on a few websites, a t-shirt design, a little logo work and some fun icon design. I guess I’ll start there.

pandabar-iconA friend of mine asked me to review some logo designs he had done through 99designs.com. Normally, I don’t go for these types of sites (I had a TERRIBLE experience with guru.com.) But this seems pretty cool…you don’t have to pay to bid on jobs for one, second its very straight-forward. I’m going to enter a few “contests” on the site and see how it goes.

I”ve also had the pleasure of redesigning the A&K Dock Service logo. The owners are such lovely folks to work for. I had been fooling around with a new logo for them (something I was not hired to do) and off-handedly showed it to them and viola! they fell in love with it. I created a small online store for them and I’m in the process of redesigning their website entirely (I was hired to do these things!).

A&K Dock Service Logo

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